Panel A
Title: Challenges and Future Directions of Wireless Spectrum Research
Time: 10:30am-12:00pm, Wednesday, April 13
Grand Ballroom B
Moderator: Wenjing Lou (National Science Foundation & Virginia Tech)
Andrew Clegg (Google)
Edward Knightly (Rice University)
Petri Mahonen (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
Thyaga Nandagopal (National Science Foundation)

The radio frequency spectrum is a finite but exceedingly valuable natural resource that facilitates a tremendous variety of applications and services. During the past two decades, the use of the radio spectrum has intensified and expanded enormously. As new wireless systems have proliferated and new applications emerge, precious spectrum resources are in ever-greater demand. 
Shared spectrum use, in contrast to exclusive spectrum use, has emerged as a viable technology that could significantly enhance the efficiency of future spectrum use. A huge amount of effort and investment has been devoted to the research, development, experimentation, and testing of innovative spectrum-sharing technologies world-wide. 
For shared spectrum use to reach its true potential, however, several challenges must be addressed. In this panel, distinguished researchers, from academia, industry, and government funding agency, will take a communication and networking perspective to discuss the state-of-the-art in spectrum research, identify unique challenges and key open problems to enable this emerging paradigm, and provide future research directions toward potential solutions.


Panel B
Title​: Innovation Challenge Panel/Pitchfest
10:30am – 12:00pm, Thursday, April 14
Grand Ballroom B
Moderators​: Srini Seetharaman (Infinera), Anees Shaikh (Google)
Panelists / Judges​:
Vivek Mehra (General Partner, August Capital; and Board member at several startups)
Guido Appenzeller (Chief Technology Strategy Officer, NSBU at VMware; and previously Founder and CEO of BigSwitch Networks)
Nan Boden (Director of Engineering, Google; previously CEO at Myricom)

INFOCOM 2016 at San Francisco will highlight Silicon Valley entrepreneurship energy by hosting its 1st innovation challenge panel/pitchfest. At this panel, innovators from both academia and industry will present their entrepreneurial ideas and compete for a cash prize that can seed further prototype development. 
The panelists include Silicon Valley Tier1 venture capitalists and industry veterans with experience cultivating and driving networking entrepreneurship. Besides judging the presented ideas, the panelists will also briefly share their view of entrepreneurship to guide the academic community. Come see for yourself where academia meets startup industry!